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The Webster’s dictionary defines disease as “any disturbed or abnormal condition in the living organism.” If you stop and think for a second, I am sure most of us can find some type of abnormal condition or disturbance in ourselves right now. So in essence almost everyone has some type of disease or another. If we all have a disease, how are we still living? Well, it is due to our natural defense system called the immune system that is at constant battle every day to help fight off these diseases. When our immune system fails, or is not operating normally and efficiently, then we are susceptible to and get diseases. Thus, the great mystery behind most “diseases” or illnesses lies at the cellular level. If there were any way to totally optimize our immune system then most diseases could be prevented, controlled, and sometimes reversed or destroyed. It makes sense.

I am sick and tired of the treatment of ones symptoms and hearing about how many drugs each one of my patients are on. So I did some research and found an answer. What I found is not a miracle cure, nor am I saying that I found a cure to anything! What I did find is the best program to totally optimize our immune system, lifestyle, weight, and overall health. What I can offer you is a program called the “Wellness Trek”. It is a 12-week program and it covers everything from diet, exercise, supplementation, weight loss management, mind and body connections, and much more. It is a total wellness package! The program will be explained at a free introductory session on Tuesday September 20 from 12pm-1pm and from 6pm-7pm. The location of the seminar will be at the Liberty Mills Apartments – Meeting Room–6101 Cornwallis Road, Fort Wayne, IN.

If you or anyone you know has any questions, please give me a call. You can contact me by phone at 459-2205, by e-mail at
drnill@nillfamilychiropractic.com, or come in for a visit anytime at Nill Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center at 4656 W. Jeff. Blvd.

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James P. Nill, D.C.

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