Westlake, Texas, 11/5/04 – A local District Executive for the Anthony Wayne Area Council, Boy Scouts of America completed the final professional development course offered by the National Boy Scouts of America Council. The development course gives the scouting professionals the advanced skills needed to provide the scouting program to the area in which the executives work. In particular, Dave Kinnee the Miami District Executive, in Fort Wayne was invited to complete this course by the National Boy Scout Council.

“It is quite exciting to be invited to attend this development course, ” said Dave when asked how he felt about traveling to the Dallas / Fort Worth area. “This course will allow me to bring the knowledge of numerous other executives back to Miami district to make the scouting program more exciting for the kids and volunteers.”

The course known as Professional Development Level III (PD-L3) is the capstone training for those executives that have completed a minimum of 30 months as a scouting professional and have decided to make scouting a career. After returning to Fort Wayne, Dave will resume his responsibilities of locating Cub Scout packs or Boy Scout troops for those youth that want to be a part of the largest youth development program in the southern half of Allen County.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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