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The time has come to take a serious look at traffic improvements for Time Corners. This is one of the oldest shopping centers in our community and the growth of residents on the western edge of Fort Wayne and the surrounding subdivisions has severely strained the roadways that were designed for much lower traffic volumes. With the Ardmore Road extension nearing completion, the time is now right for Time Corners.

The City Engineer’s Office will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 6:30 P.M., in the Aldersgate United Methodist Church, located at 2417 Getz Road. The purpose of the meeting is to give all interested persons an opportunity to comment on current design plans for the proposed Time Corners Traffic Improvements.

The project involves modifications to the following intersections: West Jefferson and Getz Road; West Jefferson and Covington Road; West Jefferson and the relocated Time Corners Shopping Center entrance; and Getz Road and Covington Road.

Existing traffic signals will be modernized on Getz Road, Covington Road and West Jefferson. A new traffic signal will be designed at the intersection of Covington and West Jefferson, and for the new entrance into Time Corners Shopping Center.

The project will also include: asphalt milling, street widening, street resurfacing, with concrete curb and gutters along Covington Road west of West Jefferson, and on Getz Road north of West Jefferson, on Covington Road east of West Jefferson, and shoulders along West Jefferson. Sidewalk ramps, relocation of existing storm sewer inlets, traffic control signs & pavement markings will complete this much needed project.

Construction of the project will require the acquisition of approximately 0.2 acres of new permanent right-of-way. The timetable for right-of-way acquisition and construction will be discussed during the formal presentation. A public comment session will be offered after the presentation.

Keeping the City of Fort Wayne a “Safe City” has always been one of my top priorities. This project will greatly improve one of the most dangerous and confusing intersections in our community.

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