A couple times a month Don Graham and I get a call; “We have this nice old sports picture, could you help identify it for us.” Our reply; “We will help, but don’t expect too much.” As usual the picture has nothing written on the backside. This is typical of most people. They just don’t write on pictures. Even if you are able to contact someone on the picture complete identification isn’t possible because people forget.

START TODAY BY WRITING ON THE BACK OF YOUR HOLIDAY PICTURES. Also number the pictures and make an index so later on you can quickly find the picture you are looking for.

Again another call; “I have this newspaper clipping, could you tell me what paper and when it was published.” Again, no reference to any type of identification. On the top or bottom of every newspaper page there is the publication name, the date, and the page number. Clip that information and place it with your article. Don’t write across the article as you deface the value of it. The clipping starts one width down the page, another width across the page and many times continued on another page. Nothing says you can’t clip that article and glue on a one or two page 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of notebook paper. Again give this article a page number, build your own index, and file in a three-ring notebook.

You are the one that can give your photos and clippings the right identification. Then you will know and the grandchildren will also know. Don’t you think it is worth a try?

The Waynedale News Staff
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Denver Howard

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