Pawster Park

The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department has a new amenity planned for the southwest quadrant of the city. A portion of Foster Park West will be set aside for a dog park. The new pet-friendly area will be located by the softball diamond off of Winchester Road.

Pawster Park will be a fenced-in area that will allow responsible dog owners an opportunity to let their dogs run off a leash legally. City Council has already approved an amendment to the City ordinance that governs leash requirements in Fort Wayne making it possible for dog owners to take their pets off-leash in this designated area.

Construction has not yet begun on the park because the City is still looking at funding issues. The plan is to pay for construction and maintenance of the park through a special user’s license or “Pooch Pass”. Anyone wanting to use Pawster Park would need to purchase a Pooch Pass from the City Clerk’s Office. This license would be completely separate from the normal pet license required of all pets in Fort Wayne. The pass would cost $25 for City residents and $40 for non-residents. Each dog will require its own Pooch Pass, which will have to be displayed on the dog while it is using the park.

Owners will also be required to sign a release of liability form and verify that their pets are current with their rabies, distemper and parvovirus vaccines. Pet owners will also be given a list of rules and regulations for using the park.

Although this is a first for Fort Wayne, there are several dog parks located in Indianapolis that have proven to be very popular. Fort Wayne is a very pet-positive community. Many Fort Wayne citizens have come to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership. This is just another way the City can support responsible dog ownership and allow for greater enjoyment of our parks by both our two-legged and four-legged residents.

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