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“Down & Dirty” With Dirt Wain

The Sassy Vegan presents “Down & Dirty with Dirt Wain” a “Sassy Sundays’” event, taking place at Studi07, 3414 Fairfield Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46807, on August 13, 2023, from 12pm-6pm, featuring 30+ local vendors, a vegan buffet, featured guest: Dirt Wain, prizes, and more.

The Sassy Vegan of Fort Wayne, Indiana is proud to bring to our community a series of monthly “Sassy Sundays’” events. Held at Studi07, hosted by The Sassy Vegan LLC, and this month benefiting Dirt Wain Composting Service Fort Wayne. “Sassy Sundays’” events offer our community over 30+ local crafters and artisans to visit with vegan food, entertainment, and prizes.

This family friendly, all inclusive, free entry event in August, will focus on Dirt Wain Compost Service whose mission is, “all about building a strong, supportive community that is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We understand that composting is more than just a way to reduce waste—it’s a powerful tool for combating climate change. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing composting education and resources to as many people as possible and fostering a culture of waste reduction and reusability. We believe that when we all work together, we can make a real difference for the planet and future generations. Join us and let’s take climate action together!”

Stop into Studi07 located on Fairfield Ave on Sunday August 13th to meet with community small business owners. A vegan food selection will be available as well as entertainment and prizes. A portion of all Sassy Vegan sales will be donated directly to Dirt Wain’s community garden efforts. Visitors are asked to (but are not required) to donate to the effort as well. All guests will be able to enter our community raffle free of charge to win prizes from our various local vendors.

The Sassy Vegan is committed to monthly community fundraisers that provide a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space to nurture healing and bring empowerment to our members through education, support, and unconditional love. We also strive to provide people who suffer from any allergens the opportunity to enjoy the top 6 allergen friendly foods and desserts.

For more info on any of these businesses visit the following links. www.thesassyvegancc.com, www.facebook.com/Studi07fw, www.dirtwain.com/about

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