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Tina Meyer, 61

Tina Meyer, 61, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, passed away on Monday, October 24th, 2022. Tina: a mother, friend, and confidant and will be greatly missed by many, namely her sons, Cory Byall and Tristan Byall. She was born the youngest of five to a hard-working couple, Edmund Meyer and Lois (Pflueger) Meyer. Tina attended South Side High School (Class of ‘80) where she befriended many lifelong friends. At 30, Tina became a mother which she took extreme pride in, eventually raising her two boys as a single mother. Being a mother was a role she thrived in. In addition to being a superb mother and friend, she was an exceptionally hard worker, as cited by many of her colleagues at The City of Fort Wayne and Lincoln Financial Group. Later in her life, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Whilst undergoing treatment, she performed her responsibilities at a high level. She fought bravely and valiantly. Shortly after her diagnosis, The City of Fort Wayne organized a cancer benefit for her. This event was a true testament to her character and the effect she had on those that surrounded her. Her love for her pets, whether it was birds, dogs, or cats always brought her and her guests joy. Tina was very devout in her faith and was a proud member of City Church. She was never a stranger and would make time for anyone, be it a phone call or face-to-face, she would radiate her love to the world. Tina lived and loved with a fiery, passionate zest and an exuberance for life that could not be extinguished. A Celebration of Life for Tina was held at Hotel Tango on November 12th, 2022, in Fort Wayne. The family requested attendees wear purple if possible as it was Tina’s favorite color.

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