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Happy Anniversary Ralstons!

Linda Ralston organized a family reunion by doing a Christmas in July celebration on the 9th, but it didn’t go as planned. Linda shares the story:

Due to all the COVID-19 concerns, it hampered festivities for many families. Christmas 2020 and other major events had to be cancelled. We also lost several family members during this time. Normally we have a family picnic/birthday party in July. However, we decided to do a Christmas in July instead this year. This made it easier on those that try not to be around a lot of people and would rather gather outdoors.

So, arrangements were made to be at Eldon’s Pond on Saturday, July 9. Our son and his family were coming in from Oklahoma for this event, in hopes of seeing everyone they had not seen for several years.. Everyone gathered at 1pm for a BBQ lunch and enjoyed talking and catching up on each other’s lives. We did a drawing for the special “love gift” that is always given to each head of families for Christmas. Then we did a drawing for Christmas gifts for each person’s present. There was also a water balloon (snowball) fight. We had so much fun watching the big & little kids enjoy themselves!

Then I sat down to take a few minutes of rest. Soon my son called my husband over and told us to take hands, close our eyes, and he would lead us somewhere. When he told us to open our eyes, we were both super surprised! They had set up a table with memories of our wedding, our picture, photo album, and of course cake! The kids presented us with a special 50th t-shirt to wear the rest of the day. To think that they pulled this off without me being any wiser to it. I must have missed some of the clues since I was busy putting together, what I thought, was just Christmas in July.

I later learned that the kids decided they would add to the Christmas in July event and double it as our wedding anniversary celebration. We were thrilled! A party we will not forget! They presented a beautiful portrait to us. The greatest gift ever!

The Waynedale News Staff

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