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Orphan Kitten Club Awards Grant To Boost Foster Program

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has received a grant of $37,135 from the Orphan Kitten Club to support the shelter’s growing foster department.

The grant was used to hire two additional staff members to address an increase in the number of animals being saved through fostering. The additional staff will allow the foster department to take in more animals, provide more support to foster families, and provide more positive outcomes for animals coming into the shelter’s care.

The life-saving efforts of the foster department relies solely on donations and grants to provide care to the most at-risk animals in our community. More than 1,550 animals were saved by foster families last year, which is nearly five times more than the number of animals saved five years ago. More than 850 animals have been saved by the foster program so far this year.

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is always looking for more families willing to open their homes to foster animals in need. If you are interested in fostering or would like to support this program visit our website here.

The Orphan Kitten Club is a national organization founded by Hannah Shaw, better known as the Kitten Lady. The Kitten Lady is a professional kitten rescuer and humane educator who travels the country to teach classes about kitten care and has gained a loyal social media following.

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