New Monkey Residents Find Their Forever Home At Black Pine

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary announced the arrival of two new residents, Tucker and Mia.

Black Pine is a nonprofit organization and is the only accredited multi-species sanctuary in the Midwest. This is huge because it means that they can provide such specific care to so many kinds of animals.

Tucker is a three-year-old Long-tailed Macaque rescued from the exotic pet trade. Black Pine received word from Kentucky Fish & Wildlife that they had seized a young monkey from a raid on a “crack” trailer,” and decided to help this animal in need.

He was found living in a dog crate and wearing a diaper, leash, and collar. He was thin with poor muscle development on his hips, indicating he hadn’t used his hind legs to exercise frequently. He also had severe separation anxiety that was exhibited through his tantrums and aggression towards other primates when they received attention.

Today, Tucker continues to develop his monkey social skills, has begun eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, and engaging with enrichment less destructively.

Mia is a two-year-old Red-handed Tamarin that was rescued this past fall from a private owner who, after having her as a house pet for just over a year, decided that she was not fit to live in a home.

While she was a pet raised by people, she still exhibited typical baby monkey behavior and showed aggression toward her owners. She had reportedly bitten many of the family members numerous times. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence for families trying to keep wild animals as house “pets.”

Mia was diagnosed with Metabolic Bone Disease upon arrival at Black Pine and received proper supplements and diet. She is currently housed inside our Primate House, also getting to spend time outside soaking up the sunshine.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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