Update On Trash Pickup

The City of Fort Wayne’s Public Works Director Shan Gunawardena Wednesday evening provided an update to City Council about how the recent garbage and recycling bid package was put together, where the City is at in the process of having a new contractor, and the due diligence that’s been done to put Fort Wayne in the best position possible to have excellent solid waste services moving forward.

In addition, the City of Fort Wayne Board of Public Works accepted the bid of GFL Environmental USA as the lowest, responsive, and responsible to provide residential garbage and recycling collection services in the City of Fort Wayne.

This step allows GFL to next enter into a formal contract with the City of Fort Wayne to be the garbage and recycling hauler for the City of Fort Wayne commencing on July 1.

This action was a procedural matter that is a first required step in the approval process. The Board of Public Works would plan to approve a formal contract with GFL. In addition, City Council will have to approve the contract, which is scheduled to be sent to City Council for introduction on April 26.

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