Eichhorn Jewelry, in the heart of downtown Decatur, is a destination shop with a sweet secret! During the entire month of October, we unveil our collection of estate jewelry at unbelievable prices! We call it the Spooktacular Estate Jewelry Event because many items we have previously sold during our 55 plus years in business! These haunt our memories of simpler times when shopping was relaxing entertainment.

Most of the estate items have been traded in from individuals. Some estate jewelry is acquired from the personal property of others through attorneys having been inherited. Some of these lovely pieces have never been worn! Eichhorn Jewelry has also purchased the remaining inventory of jewelry stores that have closed. A few are actual antiques that are special historical finds from safety deposit boxes looking for a place to call home. Eichhorn Jewelry is truly an adoption agency for these wonderful finds! Each is looking for someone to love these beautiful jewels of wearable art. Some have a story to tell. You can only imagine the partying they’ve seen or where they traveled…

Tables of $10, $25, $50, and $100. Items may catch your eye. However, the vintage showcases are full of the real buys containing diamond engagement rings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, gorgeous gemstones of every color, vintage manual wind pocket watches of a bygone era and so much that you just might need to visit more than once! Only during the month of October are these items marked down at special savings. Some are marked down up to 50%.

Before our Estate Jewelry is uploaded to our website and displayed in the store it travels a rigorous process. Starting with an initial inspection, we look for missing or loose gemstones, breaks or scratches in the metal or gemstones. If it is decided the piece is in good saleable condition it is then cleaned and polished, sometimes sent to a jeweler for repair or gemstone replacement. Once cleaned, the piece is examined for key identifiers, such as trademarks, hallmarks or maker’s marks. Some gemstones and metals must be tested to authenticate previous appraisals or old sales receipts. A second professional opinion may be needed to verify the findings. The piece is weighed, special disclosures in the notes are written, photographs taken and this information is entered into inventory and assigned a number. Extensive research must be done to calculate the price.

This article is sponsored by our friends at Eichhorn Jewelry which is located at 130 N. 2nd Street Decatur, Indiana and can be reached via phone at 260-724-2621 and online at www.eichhornjewelry.com. They specialize in diamonds, colored gemstones, estate jewelry, jewelry/watch repair & restoration, appraisals & much more!

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