Indiana has seen a rapid economic return in recent months, and businesses in nearly every field are looking to employ hardworking Hoosiers. Whether you are looking to advance in your current career path or make a career switch, Indiana can provide the tools necessary for you to take that next step.

For those looking to add to their resume, the state’s Next Level Jobs program provides free job training in high-demand fields such as health care, manufacturing, and information technology, among others. Individuals who complete these job trainings walk away with high-value certificates, giving them a competitive edge in the hiring process. Visit to apply and learn more.

Similarly, employers who want to invest in their workforce should consider the Employer Training Grant, which reimburses up to $50,000 in career training programs for their employees. Employers must offer training in one of the following industry sectors – advanced manufacturing, agriculture, IT, construction, health and life sciences, and transportation.

Finally, if you are currently looking for a new job, Indiana Career Connect provides a number of ways to search for the jobs best suited for you and what is available in your area of interest. To get started, visit

There are a number of high-wage and high-demand jobs available in our state and taking advantage of these programs is a great step toward attaining one and improving your future.

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