COVID-19 has lingered into 2021. But it hasn’t slowed down building development growth in Allen County.

During a news conference, the Allen County Board of Commissioners announced that building permit values have exceeded $1 billion for the fifth consecutive year. And commissioners believe that streak will continue into 2022 despite the lingering challenges of COVID-19.

According to the Allen County Building Department, the value of building permits issued from January 1 through June 30 of this year totaled $1.247 billion. Commercial permit values for that same period totaled $817 million, while residential permit values were at $429 million. The number of commercial and residential permits issued through June 30 total 17,244, which is on track to exceed the total from last year.

“The resilience and spirit of this community continues to shine. Our skilled workforce, vibrant neighborhoods, cities and towns, and focus on teamwork continues to demonstrate that Allen County is an excellent place to invest and grow,” the Board of Commissioners said.

Technological advances in obtaining building permits and requesting inspections has helped keep development going despite pandemic. According to data from the Building Department, 71.7% percent of permits were acquired online during the first six months of 2021, keeping pace with 2020 which saw a marked rise in online permit requests over previous years.

“We could not be here without each individual utilizing every efficiency available,” said John Caywood, county building commissioner. “It could not happen without the partnership and collaboration with the over 7,000 contractors and other licensed professionals who build our community.”

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