The big winners of the SHOP Waynedale event shown here received gift certificates to local businesses indicated here. (l-r)Carol Barfell $100, Nyla Nyffler $500, Gabrielle Bearman $250

June 21-27 was a week of fun for Waynedale residents and the greater Fort Wayne community as they visited local businesses and participated in SHOP Waynedale games.

To date, all winners have been contacted and over 65 lucky community members won the thousands of dollars of prizes up for grabs! And best of all, three lucky winners took home the grand prizes of up to $500 in gift cards to be spent in the Waynedale area. For those who played, the answers to the Scavenger Hunt can be found on A Walk In Waynedale & The Waynedale News’ Facebook page.

Congratulations to all winning participants and a HUGE thank you to all of the local businesses and sponsors who participated in this second ever SHOP Waynedale event.

Events like this continue to shine light on the fact that Waynedale is a place of community togetherness. As our Waynedale community businesses continue to pick up the pieces after being negatively impacted by the pandemic for the last year and a half, a group of volunteers worked hard to put this round of the “SHOP Waynedale” games together during the week-long event to help bring attention to our beloved local businesses.

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