A message from the community organizers of the “A Walk In Waynedale” event to all local businesses.

Because we realize how important our local businesses are and how much they have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, we will be postponing our annual community event “A Walk In Waynedale,” and instead move forward with a fresh 2021 version of our highly successful “SHOP Waynedale” Event!

Similar to last year’s SHOP Waynedale event, this will be a heavily promoted week-long community focused event beginning Monday, June 21. And best yet, all area businesses are encouraged to participate for free, but they must contact us before May 31 for more information to become involved.

We will again be utilizing a “Passport” type game to encourage customers to visit Waynedale businesses. How it works is; before the SHOP Waynedale week, tens of thousands of people from throughout South/ Southwest Fort Wayne will receive a Passport packet which will have a space for each business who has opted in to participate. There is no purchase necessary to receive a stamp. At the end of the week, customers will turn in Passports to us and will be eligible for prizes for collecting as many stamps as they can.

Although we are disappointed to have to reschedule the A Walk In Waynedale event, we hope this event will create excitement for our community and entice people to shop and provide the much needed support to our local retailers.

For residents excited to participate, please keep an eye out for more information about the event in The Waynedale News and on Social media.

For more information, or if you work for a businesses who would like to participate or donate a prize or help in some other way, please contact Camille at (260) 206-3583, or email ShopWaynedale@gmail.com

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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