After a brief hiatus, Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministries Center is re-opening their computer lab to provide free wi-fi and internet access for Southeast Fort Wayne residents.

“Looks like I am going to college, honey! I think it is really true that you are never too old to live out your dream!” were the words Sandra exclaimed after completing FAFSA’s web-based form. Prior to visiting the Education and Resource Center, Sandra felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable with completing document on her own. Now, with a little help and guidance from the staff of a local non-profit she is on her way to class!

Bridge of Grace launched their Education and Resource Center (ERC)- a facility that provides free computer and internet access to Southeast Fort Wayne residents- after community members in the Mount Vernon Park Neighborhood mentioned that they had limited access to the internet and web-based resources as a result of the pandemic.

Bridge of Grace staff realized that while some people lacked access to education and job-related material, others needed guidance and training on their smart devices so that they could safely reconnect to their community by sending emails, attending virtual events, or even texting loved ones. That is why, for those who are not familiar or comfortable with technology, the Bridge of Grace team provides guidance and training for community members who want to become more comfortable using their computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Community members over the age of 16 are welcome to visit the ERC at 5100 Gaywood Drive on Tuesdays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm and on Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. In addition to tech guidance the ERC is available for those looking to register for vaccinations, complete online forms (including job applications), receive résumé help, and use e-learning material.

The ERC will re-opened on Tuesday, January 26th. Potential patrons are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the ERC by calling 260-744-4446 ext.104. Walk-in patrons will be served as time and space allows during regularly scheduled hours of operation.

Bridge of Grace’s Education and Resource Center was funded- in part- by generous donations by the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, and the United Way of Allen County.

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