There were light flurries and the temperature was a crisp 25 degrees. The perfect day for Santa to take his inaugural Trolley Ride through nine neighborhoods in the Waynedale area.

The Waynedale Christmas Trolley Tour began at 1 p.m. in Indian Village, meandered through Sand Point, Belle Vista, Old Trail, Southwest Waynedale, Avalon, Lake Shores, Lakewood and ended in Winterset addition just before 4 p.m. Timing was of the essence as Santa was needed at the North Pole to take care of important Christmas Eve business.

Familiar Christmas tunes announced the trolley’s arrival as calls of “Merry Christmas” rang out in the cold air. Santa’s elves on the trolley counted over 350 people who came to share greetings, plus many others seen peeking out behind curtains from their warm and cozy living rooms. People of all ages waited eagerly in the chilly weather to wave to Santa and Mrs. Claus and hear his familiar HO, HO, HO! Many in attendance got called out as to whether they were on the naughty or nice lists.

The trolley kept a leisurely pace halting once unexpectedly as a youngster, eager to see Santa, running as fast as his little legs would go, took a tumble on the sidewalk. Santa bellowed “STOP” and hopped off the trolley. With a fistful of candy canes, he trotted down the street to the child and had a private conversation that only Santa, the boy and his mother were privy to.

The Christmas Trolley Tour was a shared vision of Waynedale residents Camille Garrison and Alex Cornwell, hoping to spread some smiles in an otherwise dimmed season void of normal traditions. The event was generously sponsored by Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning. Also a sponsor, The Waynedale News was instrumental in publicizing the event in addition to handling a multitude of behind-the-scenes preparations.

Vicky Griffin, owner of Legacy, wanted to give back to the Waynedale Community that has been so supportive of them throughout the years. She states “The positive reaction to the trolley was great and seeing the excitement of the kids was heartwarming. We’re thankful to have been a part of the event.”

Donations of festive mini candy canes from Hair Affair Salon and Christmas decorations for the trolley from Walgreen’s helped contribute to the event’s success.

The Waynedale Christmas Trolley ran on schedule allowing Santa to return to the North Pole in plenty of time to make his rounds. Perhaps he can come back next year and make this an annual tradition in a happier 2021.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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