Work to protect our rivers from combined sewer overflows continues throughout the community. To assist with construction, river levels will be lowered to winter-time levels until further notice. The move will help multiple projects currently under construction.

Overflow infrastructure is generally below the river level during summer months, making it challenging to complete projects that are designed to divert overflow to the deep-rock tunnel. The planned lowering the river level will allow these overflow points to be above the waterline, making it more efficient to complete the construction improvements.

Two significant projects will benefit the most, the Third Street consolidation sewer project on both sides of the river and the Superior Street consolidation sewer on the south side of the St. Marys. The move will also aid drop shafts currently under construction near East Central Park, Guldlin Park, Thieme and Berry, and Camp Allen. Currently, in a typical year, a total of more than 270 million gallons of combined sewage flow into our rivers at these points.

By 2025, when these and other projects along our rivers are complete, we will reduce by more than one billion gallons the amount of combined sewage overflows going into our rivers each year.

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