The Fort Wayne Public Art Commission is inviting artists to submit their qualifications to design and paint one of two murals that portray local stories of civil rights and social justice.

The murals will be the first in the Faces of the Fort project, recommended in the recently adopted Art for All Public Art Master Plan. Faces of the Fort is inspired by the successful Atlanta “Off The Wall” project, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of civil rights including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation and immigration status. Faces of the Fort will include murals throughout the city and will focus on storytelling as a way to amplify and preserve the cultural legacy of Fort Wayne’s diverse neighborhoods.

“Faces of the Fort aims to increase awareness of community stories by promoting understanding, interaction, and a more robust culture of civic engagement,” said Réna Bradley, Faces of the Fort Committee Chair. “Faces of the Fort celebrates the rich history of Fort Wayne’s residents and their unique backgrounds, stories, and perspectives.”

Artists are invited to submit their qualifications and will be selected by a committee comprised of: two members of the Fort Wayne Public Art Commission, a designee from Arts United, a designee from the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, residents of each of the City’s four quadrants, two art professionals, a representative from the African/African-American Historical Society, a representative from Amani Family Services and a representative from the LGBTQ Community.

Artists will be selected based on their technical expertise, demonstrated successful implementation of similar art projects, ability to execute a public art project in a culturally rich and complex area, and interest in creating artwork for Faces of the Fort.

The two artists who are selected will have a budget of $10,000 each to design and create their murals, which will be located in southeast and northeast Fort Wayne. Final locations are not determined. The artists will create their designs after taking part in a series of community conversations with local residents.

The deadline for artists to submit their qualifications is July 5, 2020. More information can be found at: www.fwcommunity

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