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As a child, Nathan Grile grew up in Avalon Place Neighborhood, swam in Avalon Pool and adventured Waynedale. Over the past two years, Nathan, now older, has been focused on building a quality used car dealership for the community.

After working for 15 years in sales, Nathan took his first dive into entrepreneurship after taking time to go back to school at Indiana Tech to finish his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, his father said why don’t you start your own car lot; knowing how much he loved cars and working with people. He took his father’s advice and sold his first car in March of 2018. Nathan recently celebrated his 2 years in business and has not looked back.

An independent dealer, Nathan is the owner of Straight Line Motors which is located on Lower Huntington Road and offers reconditioned vehicles ready for customers to enjoy at a price tag of $7k or below. Nathan says even when growing up here, he has always saw a bright future for the Waynedale community because of its great neighborhoods, local businesses and close proximity to the airport, I69 and 469.

Nathan says, “I feel that being involved in the community is very important. I take 50 dollars from every sale each month and donate it to a local charity. It is my goal in the future to pick three charities each month and allow those that have purchased a car pick the one that they would like me to donate to.”

It seems that the Straight Line Motors staff of just 3 are very excited about what they do and truly enjoy helping others find the car that they need and want. Nathan says that by offering quality cars at a reasonable price tag and a positive experience, he gives customers and the community the best service he can. And he says that their small staff ensures the personal attention that customers deserve whether they are rich or poor.
The most common question they receive is “Can I take this car I’m interested in to my mechanic?” And of course, the answer is yes. Nathan says that he personally ensures that every car that drives off his lot is of quality and safe to drive, which is most important to him.

Employees say that best advice they are proud offer customers when looking for a car is to start on the internet and find cars you like. Then go out and do some test drives. Once you find your top 3, then you can start to evaluate and narrow down price vs quality. And if you to try to negotiate price, it’s much more effective if you are ready to buy that day. Finally, whether you have a personal banker that you like to work with, or you need in-house financing, they are here to help.

This article is sponsored by Straight Line Motors which is a small, locally owned, independent dealership that offers quality vehicles of all makes and models. They also offer financing options. Typically, they are open Monday through Friday 10-6 & Saturdays 10-2, but can also set up personal appointments outside of those hours to suit your needs. Stop by for a visit at 3008 Lower Huntington Rd. in Waynedale (Fort Wayne), Indiana. You can also call them at (260) 747-4777 or see their online inventory at www.straightlinemotor.com

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