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WD Profile Kingstons Erin FloydErin Acker Floyd states, “I’m a Waynedale girl.” Born and raised in the Lakewood Park subdivision, Erin attended Waynedale United Methodist Preschool, Maplewood Elementary, Miami Middle School followed by Wayne High School. She attended college at Indiana University and majored in Health Care Administration.

“I grew up in a medical family, many of our dining room conversations revolved around healthcare,” Erin states. Her first job in healthcare was as a file clerk at Brooklyn Medical Associates where she worked for Dr. Robert Musselman. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree she received a call from an Administrator from Miller’s Merry Manor who offered to mentor her while she completed her Administrator in Training internship to become a licensed Health Facility Administrator. She became an administrator and worked at Miller’s for the next four years.

Then she accepted an invitation to interview for Executive Director at Kingston Residence, 7515 Winchester Road. The rest is history as they say where she, as of January 7th, celebrated 25 years of leadership at the helm as Executive Director. During her tenure there she has raised two children; Nathan who lives in Indianapolis and Lindsey who is following in her mom’s footsteps, graduating from IU this May with a degree in Health Care Administration.

Bob Floyd, her husband of 25 years, is the Accessories Flight Supervisor at the 122nd Air Guard and has served for 31 years. Both have always felt they are in the right place. “Waynedale is our home,” states Bob.

Erin says her work ethic was taught to her early. “The most influential people in my life have been my parents. My father, Dr. Herbert Acker, has been a very well respected, family physician for over 50 years. My mom, a nurse, stayed home to raise her family and eventually watched my two children when they were born. They were married almost 50 years when mom passed away. The two of them provided me with a very solid foundation of family values, which has served me well raising my own children and working among my Kingston family.”

“One of my biggest accomplishments at Kingston has been surrounding myself with a team of very accomplished, dedicated and talented people who truly care about each other, Kingston and the residents and families they serve. I have been blessed to work with some exceptional people over the years. Three of which now hold leadership roles within Kingston, some have worked at Kingston through high school and college and are now lawyers, accountants, nurses, paramedics and teachers. I am proud of my coworkers who have chosen to make Kingston Residence their career. I am privileged to work with phenomenal individuals who are committed to setting an example for others to follow by being honest, respectful, friendly and encouraging everyone to be their best. Over half of our staff has been with Kingston for over five years. I truly love Kingston and its culture. I treasure the people I work with, the residents, and the families we serve.”

You are invited to send a note of congratulations to Erin at 7515 Winchester Road, 46819 or email her at efloyd@kingstonhealthcare.com with your best wishes and memories.

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Camille Garrison

Camille Garrison

Camille is a community leader, event organizer, trails supporter and more! After working near Waynedale for just over a year, she knew she wanted to call it home. She loves the friendliness and closeness of the community and have grown to be very passionate about seeing Waynedale prosper. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer