Part 1
Teeney and Weeney’s father, Colonel Black, was home on leave from the Squirrel Army. Mrs. Graytail and the twins were so excited they were running around as if they had lost their heads. Such a loving family you have never seen.

Colonel Black had made a promise to the twins that he would take them to the city to visit their cousins. The twins were holding their father to his promise, thus they decided to leave the next morning.

Teeny and Weeney were so excited they were running to all their neighbors, telling them that their dad was taking them to see their cousins in the city.

Colonel Black and Mrs. Graytail were busy making little nap sacks to put a few goodies in to eat on the way. When they had them all done they called the twins in and put the knapsacks on their back and tied them around their waists. They looked funny but very cute.

Mrs. Graytail was busy making the house tidy before they could leave.

Colonel Black had shined and polished their tiny car until it was as black as he was.

Colonel Black was very handsome and so was all the family with their black shiny fur coats, with the exception of Mrs. Graytail. She was all black except her tail which was gray and very bushy.

Now everything was done and they were ready to start! That is all but Colonel Black, who lined the twins up in front of him and made them stand at attention for their orders. He stood in front of them in a salute and said, “Stand up straight and tall and put your right hand over your right eye just as I have mine.” Both did exactly as their father ordered. Then he said, “I have an order for you and you must mind promptly! Get in the car, now!” Colonel Black and Mrs. Graytail laughed because there was such a scramble. Colonel Black jumped in the car and said, “Let’s go!”

The little car moaned and groaned but it would not start. So the Colonel got out and looked it over and gave it a kick. Then Weeney called to his father, “Dad, you have to turn the key on before it will go.” Colonel Black looked a little sheepish and said “Umm, what a smart son I’ve got.”

Soon they were on their way with singing and much laughter. It was a good day’s drive but finally they arrived in the city and it didn’t take very long to find the park, where their cousins lived. All the cousins were waiting for their arrival and had prepared a feast and invited some friends in to meet the cousins. Everyone was happy and were all trying to talk at once. And what a feast they had, everyone was running for different things to eat.

Soon it was dark and the children all had to be accounted for because they were so black, you couldn’t see where they were when it got dark outside. The children were tucked into their tiny beds and soon were fast asleep.

Part 2
Early the next morning the children were up and the first place they headed for was the playground! Such frisky little squirrels you wouldn’t believe! There were slides, swings, teeter totters and a small merry-go–round. Teeney and Weeney were learning a lot from their cousins, such as how to teeter, slide and stay on the merry-go-round. Teeney and Weeney liked the merry-go-round the best.

Some of the squirrels kept watch for the bigger people who sometimes came to the park. There were a few around and then two of the older cousins saw two men tacking signs up on some of the trees. As soon as they had finished, the squirrels scampered up to see what the signs said. Teeney and Weeney weren’t in school yet so they didn’t bother about the signs, but the other ones could read and guess what! The signs said, “Big Circus coming to town tomorrow! Come one! Come all!”

That was all it took to start the ball a rolling. Teeney and Weeney didn’t know what a circus was but believe me their cousins were sure excited because they had been to one before and had such fun. Believe you me they took off in a hurry to go home to ask their parents if they could go. The price was one walnut a head! Everyone thought that was great but Mrs. Graytail, she was worried about Teeeney and Weeney because she knew the trouble they could get into.

All the children put up such a howl to go that Colonel Black said he would take them. Finally he said, “Let’s ALL go!” With that decided, there was a lot of excitement.

All the squirrels went wild the rest of the day.

Finally they got the children to bed and said their prayers and had their good night kisses.

Part 3, Circus Day!
Early the next morning as the sun was just peeking over the horizon, Weeney was awake and running and waking the rest of the squirrels, in his chit-chat squirrel language, saying that today was the day of the circus. The other squirrels were still sleepy and told Weeney to go back to bed.

“I don’t hear the birds singing their merry tunes and until they do, you go back to bed!”

Seems as if the birds were the alarm clock for all the little forest people.

When daybreak finally broke through everyone was up. Birds singing, telling everyone that it was such a beautiful day.

Colonel Black was in such a good mood. To tell you the truth he wanted to go to the circus as much as the children did.

Well now, with all of them going, they had to take two cars. You see, Mrs. Graytail’s sister had eight children and of all ages.

They were among the first to arrive and they had seats right down in the front row. The clowns were already walking and clowning all around inside the circle. “Oh my! Oh my!” such antics, where the acts were getting ready to perform. The clowns were all dressed up with big sloppy coats and pants…fans on their head, falling all over each other. All dressed in loud colors, rolling around in barrels and telling jokes.

Whoop, here come the ponies all decked out in ribbons and bows, prancing all around in a circle, and look who’s on their backs! The monkeys, lots of them. Well, Teeney and Weeney were so caught up in them they couldn’t get their mouths shut!

In the next ring were the cutest little dogs, all dressed so nice and they were doing all kinds of tricks. Teeney wanted to take a monkey home with her. Now they had never seen big animals and some of the squirrels were trying to get over in the ring and get into the act. So far they were behaving pretty good. The feathers were flying and the squirrels were trying to catch them, as they flew through the air. Way up high in the tent was a tight wire, stretched all the way across the tent, and a beautiful lady with a beautiful costume was doing all sorts of things on that wire.

Teeney whispered to Weeney, “I’m going for that high wire as soon as I can because I can go faster than she can across it.” Weenie replied, “You better not! There is no place to jump to except on the ends of the wire. It’s a long way down to the ground. Don’t try it!” However the temptation was too much for Teeney and before you could stop her she was under the fence and making for the high wire. The beautiful lady was coming back across and there was Teeney right behind her. People were going wild, clapping and yelling. Mrs. Graytail was in hysterics, and people thought that was in the act. When the beautiful lady saw Teeney behind her she reached down and picked Teeney up and took her bows and then walked to the wire holding Teeney up in the air. When they were down she told Teeney, “Now, you scram back to where you came from! The big animals will be out soon and they will smash you to bits!” So Teeney ran as fast as he could back to her seat.

Sure enough the trainer with the big whip, was cracking it at the fierce looking lions, who were roaring very loudly. She made every lion get up on a stool. Then one by one she put them through their routines. She then rode on the back of one lion and rode it in a circle. When she got off she made the lion open its mouth and she put her head in the lion’s mouth. You could almost hear a pin drop. “Would you like one of those for a pet? Everyone yelled, “No!”

Teeney and Weeney were sure holding onto their dad! But wait! Here comes the last act with the huge elephants. The twins had never seen such large beasts. Each elephant formed a chain hooked on to each other’s tails. Every elephant had a beautiful lady, all in colorful costumes, sitting on their heads. They paraded around and around in the circle.

Weeney couldn’t stand it any longer and he decided he would take a ride on one of the elephants. Under the fence he scampered and the first thing you know he was in front of the lead elephant. The elephant wrapped his trunk around him and put him right up with the beautiful lady. Believe me he was having the time of his life! The lady picked him up and held him up for all the people to see. The crowd went wild, clapping and screaming, that is all except Mrs. Graytail, and she fainted. But the Colonel soon had her awake and she started screaming, “Oh my Baby! Oh my baby!“ When they stopped, the big elephant lifted her trunk and the lady slid down the trunk, still holding Weeney in her hand. All the ladies lined up in front and took their bows and the band played on. The lady put Weeney down and told him to run as fast as could to the fence and get out of the circle.

People were still applauding, yelling and screaming.

Well, Weeney got mixed up, and ran the wrong way and got mixed up with the clowns but he saw a hole and made for it and jumped for it and landed in one of the other clown’s big pocket of his sloppy coat. Well, that clown sure put on a show! He went wild because Weeney’s teeny teeth and sharp little claws were biting into the clown’s legs. Such antics, and of course the clown knowing the show must go on was acting crazy, jumping, falling down and Teeney couldn’t find his way out. The clown didn’t see her when she found his pocket and finally he just dropped his floppy pants and was running around in his red pants. The people still laughing and screaming thought the squirrels were part of the act. In fact, when the circus was over the owner of the circus tried to persuade Colonel Black to let the squirrels go with the circus! Well, now that was out of the question, especially with the twin’s mother.

So, they counted heads and all were accounted for. And back to their cars and home they went. Tomorrow the vacation was over. Also Colonel Black had to report back to the Army. Everyone was crying because they had to go home…vacation time was over until next year.

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