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Top row: Bob Dove, Virgina Hambel, Maxine Ford, Mary Stair, Frank Burke, Activity Director Rachel Fox; Bottom row: Betty King, Marketing Director Camille Garrison, Joan Franklin, Barbara Armstrong, Carole OvermyerEleven residents of Kingston Residence ranging in age 72 to 97 years proudly completed the Fort 4 Fitness Senior Marathon. The race began on Thursday, June 26 at the Ash Center on Freeman Street. Over the next 12 weeks, each participant was challenged to walk an average of two miles per week. As the race concluded on Friday, September 26 at Parkview Field, each participant was to have accumulated a total of 26 miles which equals a full marathon.

Many of these Kingston residents weren’t satisfied to walk only 26 miles. Activity Director Rachel Fox organized group walks around walking paths both inside and outside the community. Each resident’s daily steps were tracked and the majority of the walkers exceeded the necessary 26 miles over the 12-week period. The group walked a total of 453 miles!

Barbara Armstrong was a first time participant in the event. Between her walking and work on the NuStep machine, Barb completed 76 miles! She said, “I am happy and fortunate to have been able to participate…it kept me going.” Frank Burke only counted his miles when he went out for the sole purpose of walking for the marathon and finished with 74 miles. Betty King is a seasoned veteran in the Fort 4 Fitness marathon and the most senior participant at 97 years young. Betty walked a total of 63 miles over the course of the marathon. She says that walking is her medicine. Bob Freiburger shocked his family when he chose to participate this year. He got out his tape measure and made every step count!

Those who participated from Kingston Residence include Bob Dove, Virginia Hambel, Maxine Ford, Mary Stair, Frank Burke, Betty King, Joan Franklin, Barbara Armstrong, Carole Overmyer, Bob Freiburger and Marjorie Leath. Those in bold listing have competed in previous years as well. Each received a medal for their efforts.

Congratulations to all the Kingston residents who accomplished the Fort 4 Fitness Senior Marathon! We are proud of you!

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