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Karen-PoseAs Karen’s oncologist will attest, she fought a courageous battle against the pancreatic cancer that eventually claimed her life. Now, our family wishes to thank the many members of the local community who lifted her throughout her seventeen-month fight.

Your cards, phone calls and visits meant so much to us. Several times she had comforted friends who were near death and was rightly comforted in turn by so many. In September of 2012 (two months before her diagnosis), she received the thrilling news that she would be a grandmother by the spring of 2013. So she set her goals sequentially: to see that baby arrive, to see his first Christmas and to see his first birthday. Our sadness is eased by the memory of her full participation in each of those events. We believe that the prayers of hundreds of people around the nation helped her to achieve that victory.

We also wish to eulogize her to this community for the loving commitment she made to teach the joys of music to the children of Indian Village Elementary, Pleasant Center Elementary and finally Waynedale Elementary.

She truly cared about each child. Every year she took photographs of each new student in order to learn their names and begin to learn their stories. That meant that when she moved to Waynedale Elementary, she photographed the whole student body! Her peak joys were always the music programs wherein she could involve all her children in performances in some special way. Another yearly highlight for her was the Memorial Day parade on Old Trail Road where her recorder classes could participate. Her son, Justin Pose, is preparing his recorder ensemble from Lindley Elementary to join this year’s parade.

Karen was so very grateful for the fulfillment she experienced in her teaching career. Her attitude of gratitude was most becoming and wrought blessings everywhere she took it.

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