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Mothers-Day-PorterWe all know the hands that rock the cradle rule the world, and those hands typically belong to moms. But how do mothers become such wise sages?

They learn by trial and error and from other moms, say older mothers.

“I know my mom learned on me,” said Waynedale resident Lynda Heidelberg, who is a mother herself of two grown daughters.

Her mother, Loretta Porter, 90, a resident of Glenbrook Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Fort Wayne, said it was easy mothering Heidelberg and her brother and sister because they were good kids. But they may have been good kids because of her mothering.

“I would advise mothers to always have time to talk to your kids,” Mrs. Porter said. “I worked, but I always made sure I took time for them. When your child comes to you, take time to listen to them.”

On Sunday, May 11, Mrs. Porter and mothers nationwide will be honored on Mother’s Day, a tradition in the U.S. for 100 years after it was made a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson. Mrs. Porter and other moms shared their tips for rearing good children. Here is some of their advice:

Accept your children.
“Love them for who they are.”

Enjoy your children.
“If you enjoy them, they will enjoy you.”

Talk to them.
“We talked things out.”

Teach your children about God.
“The rest will follow.”

Snuggle as long as your child will allow.
“I dearly miss snuggling.”

Don’t stress out over small things.
“The housework will get done eventually.”

If you become overwhelmed, take five minutes away.
“Put the baby in the crib or bassinet and walk into another room or outside. It will not hurt the baby to cry for five minutes.”

Establish simple routines.
“Your children should have a consistent bedtime.”

Do your best.
“That’s what being a good mother is about.”

Mrs. Porter said the most important advice is to love your children unconditionally.

“I accepted them just the way they are. I love them because I love them.”

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