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Ginger Giessler, an English and Language Arts teacher at New Tech Academy at Wayne High School, was presented with a resolution at the Statehouse. Ms. Giessler was the 2013 recipient of the Milken Award.

“It was a pleasure to recognize such an outstanding teacher,” said State Representative Casey Cox (R-Fort Wayne). “I am glad that this educator is being honored for going above and beyond for her students. Ms. Giessler’s exemplary work has not gone unnoticed.”

Known as the “Oscars of Teaching,” the Milken National Educator Award is the largest teacher recognition program in the nation. The award was developed by the Milken Family Foundation to attract, retain and reward the highest quality kindergarten through 12th grade teachers.

Ms. Giessler’s students’ literacy test scores were 25 percent above the district average. Her students’ pass rates were the school’s highest at 75 to 80 percent. Those results, among others, were fundamental to Ms. Giessler receiving the award.

“New Tech Academy benefits tremendously from having such a dedicated individual on their faculty, and ultimately, the students are best served by receiving a top-notch education,” said State Representative Matt Lehman (R-Berne). “It is a blessing to have such a high caliber, results-driven teacher right here in our local community.”

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