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My name is Alex Cornwell, I am the president of the Avalon Place Civic Association. The idea of reducing printing rates arose at one of our board meetings. It seemed to us that if many associations printed their newsletters and other documents at one place, we could all share in a volume-based discount. So I contacted a local, family owned printer on our side of town and they are kindly working with us to reduce printing rates as long as other associations join our annual volume of printing. If you are like us, you can also use the money you save with this partnership in other ways to improve your neighborhood.

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to inform and engage residents to become active in your association’s activities. Most residents still prefer their meeting dates, notes and neighborhood happenings in print for future reference.

Our primary discounted rate includes a 4 page 8.5″ x 11″ newsletter printed with black ink on white or pastel colored paper. We can also print other documents like directories and flyers. Partnering together will allow for all our associations to cost-effectively print their newsletters. It is our hope that through this initiative each association will save money and use the savings to do more great things in their neighborhood. Please have a member of your association contact us in consideration of this collaboration effort.

Alex Cornwell
The Waynedale News/
Avalon Place Civic Association
(260) 747-4535

Alex Cornwell

Alex Cornwell

The Owner & Publisher of The Waynedale News. Alex is a community leader and founder of various organizations, events & improvement initiatives in the area. He is also the recipient of 2019's Allen County Vandeveer Impact Award and 2012's University of Saint Francis' Distinguished Young Alumni Award. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer