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SWCCThe Southwest Conservation Club was an idea created by the late, Edward Rhoem. He decided that the Waynedale area needed a conservation club. So, on November 2, 1938 the SWCC was chartered. Edward Roehm, Dallas Branstrator and John Sheibert acquired five separate parcels of land. The original entrance was located on Godfrey Lane but was moved when Bluffton Road was built. SWCC is currently located on 37 acres with four ponds, trap & skeet fields, a firearms range, an archery course, campground, hiking trail and a clubhouse.

If you are interested in checking out the Southwest Conservation Club and supporting a great local organization dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the outdoors, there are several events and activities that are open to the public/non-members.

Every Thursday night bingo is held at the clubhouse; doors open at 4:30pm with the warm up game beginning at 6:00pm. There is also trap and skeet shoot available on the second and last Sundays of every month starting at noon.

If you are looking for a great family dinner outing, the SWCC often hosts all you can eat fish fries (Feb. 21, March 7, March 21, April 4, April 18) from 5-7pm. Adults $7.50, Children ages 6-12 $4, under 6 is free. Dinner includes Alaskan Pollock, pork tenderloin, veggies, French fries, rolls, and dessert. Soda and beer are available for purchase.

To find out more information about the Southwest Conservation Club, please contact them at 747-4677.
Now, it only seems appropriate, when writing about such a wonderful organization here in Waynedale, that supports the outdoors, we should mention Hook and Arrow. Hook and Arrow is a locally owned bait, tackle, and archery business located right off of Winchester Road, near Bandido’s Restaurant. Hook and Arrow is a reliable place to purchase all of your bait, tackle and archery supplies. They also boast an indoor archery range, as well as offer custom made rods and repairs. Next time you’re planning your fishing trip, keep Hook and Arrow in mind!

So, thank you to Mr. Kirk Heemsoth and Mr. Scott Ruse for venturing in entrepreneurship and opening a bait and tackle store close to home here in Waynedale. And in honor of Mr. Edward Rhoem, back in 1938, we thank you for taking the initiative to bring to life the idea of creating a place in Waynedale that honors nature, preserves the environment, and encourages outdoor living!

5703 Bluffton Rd.
(260) 747-4677

7536 Winchester Rd.


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