Elmhurst Little LeagueIt started off a bit rocky for the team, losing to St. Joe 15-5. With a strong pitching performance from Bailey Shimer and Keion Powers, Elmhurst got back on track with a win over Auburn, and another win over Leo with another strong pitching performance from Drake Miller and Hunter Bennett. With another win against Georgetown, Elmhurst made it to the championship tournament to be held at St. Joe against St. Joe. Elmhurst won the first game 21-10 of the double elimination, the team made a last inning come back the next game, ultimately losing to St. Joe 15-14.

Elmhurst needed to win the last game in the double header to advance to the Indiana State Finals.

The boys came out like hitting machines, scoring 13 runs in the second inning alone. Drake Miller did a fantastic job pitching and the defense stepped it up! With the momentum going their way the team won the game 23-5!

They will advance to the State Finals this Wednesday for a 3-game round robin tournament.

Players include: Hunter Bennett, Nick Berning, Joe Brown, Devon Harris, Joey Hoyng, Donovan Medrano, Drake Miller, B.J. Parks, Jamarr Patterson, Deion Powers, Keion Powers, and Bailey Shimer.

Coaches are: Jeff Shimer, Sam Shrack, and Nick Brown.

Thank-you to everyone in Waynedale for their support in making this trip possible.

Congratulations and good luck Elmhurst!

The Waynedale News Staff
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