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On Monday, March 15, Brooks Construction began replacing boardwalk decking on a section of the Rivergreenway located below the Bluffton Road Bridge on the St. Mary’s Pathway, and the section just east of Pemberton Dr. on the Maumee Pathway.

Only the boardwalks being worked on will be closed 7:30 am – 5 pm weekdays. The boardwalks will be reopened to trail users in the evenings and on weekends at those construction sites. Information about future construction locations will be made available to the public as work progresses. The expected completion date is June 26.

Due to years of punishment from hard winters and strong floods, much of the Rivergreenway boardwalk decking requires replacing. The type of decking chosen is called Deck Lok. It’s extremely durable vinyl with a non-slip surface.

One hundred percent of this project will be funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

To Date closures:

Maumee Pathway

From Pemberton/Niagra to North River Road

St. Mary’s Pathway

From West Swinney Park to Taylor St.

Taylor Street to Brown Street section of Boardwalk on the St. Mary’s Pathway.

The work is estimated to take two weeks.

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