Last month the Lake Shores Community Association elected all new officers who are sailing smoothly along to completely re-organize the Association.

The newly elected Board Members are: President Alberta Ilnicki, East Vice-President Michelle Howe, West Vice-President Walt Halley, Secretary Dawn Seiy, Treasurer Lucille Nahrwold, along with Board Members Doug Bohs, Shanel Coleman, Chad Creager, Chris Hawkins, Fred Ilnicki, Eunice King, Dave Schlie, Brian Seiy, Pam Thomas, and Dan Wyss.

The Lake Shores Board has been working with the city to redefine the Association boundaries, to write new By-Laws for the Association, to update the neighborhood street directory, and to make new plans for a better and more active neighborhood association that will be more responsive to the needs of the neighborhood.

The Association is currently planning for a Christmas Decoration Contest this month, and judging is already underway. There will be some nice prizes for the winners of the Christmas Decoration contest. The chairperson for the contest is Alberta Ilnicki.

We are in the process of submitting to the city our request for 2011 Neighborhood Improvement Project Funding. Each city neighborhood can submit three project requests each year for neighborhood improvements to the Board of Public Works which plans their budget to do the most needed city infrastructure improvements.

The Association is also planning to contract to have neighborhood snow plowing done this winter to help make traveling through the neighborhood a little easier. Lake Shores Community Association is currently accepting bids for snow plowing. We encourage anyone interested in bidding for the snow plowing contract this season to contact Walt Halley at 747-0165.

Working to be more responsive to needs of the neighborhood, the Lake Shores Community Association is welcoming ideas, input, suggestions, and concerns from everyone. With more neighborhood participation Lake Shores Community Association can be the best neighborhood in Waynedale. So if you have any suggestions to make to our community better, please call Lake Shores Community Association President Alberta Ilnicki at 478-5926.

The Lake Shores Community Association was founded in 1962 with about 200 homes, and it has recently expanded to 350 homes. In the 1960s Lake Shores had picnics and hay rides, and in the later years there were the 4th of July parades. Lake Shores has supported the Waynedale Picnic at Waynedale Park in August for the past seven years.

The purpose of the Lake Shores Community Association is to promote and protect the interest, health, safety, and property values of the Lake Shores Community. Most Waynedale and city neighborhoods organize for the same reason, and house by house, street by street, and neighborhood by neighborhood, we can all work together to make our community of Waynedale a good place to live.

The Waynedale News Staff

Marge Johnson

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