In April of this year, the Waynedale Green Alliance, in partnership with the Southwest Conservation Club, hosted the 1st Annual Green Festival in Northeast Indiana.


In mid-August, Waynedale Green Alliance founder, April Brewster Smythe approached the Three Rivers Festival Executive Director, Mayumi Carboni, to request inclusion of GreenFEST 2010 in the Three Rivers Festival Program.

Carboni and Smythe met at the new Waynedale Café directly across from the Southwest Conservation Club. Smythe pointed out the beautiful grounds and described the successful first event.

Carboni was impressed and decided to take the proposal to the Board of Directors of the Three Rivers Festival.

Recently, Wayne Township Trustee, Richard Stevenson, Sr. wrote about festivals in Waynedale that have become a part of Waynedale culture. Specifically, he discussed the Waynedale Community Picnic, and St. Therese Annual Fall Festival.

These are established annual events and are fun for the whole family. Waynedale residents are rightly proud of these events.

However, GreenFEST 2010 could bring Waynedale into the celebratory nature of the Three Rivers Festival events, and give Waynedale a place in the larger city of Fort Wayne. A place that many feel is missing.

GreenFEST 2010 could also bring a sustainable program to the Three Rivers Festival, itself, thus adding green to what has long been the second largest festival in Indiana.

GreenFEST 2009 received a proclamation from the City of Fort Wayne that was read in person by Mayor Tom Henry. Environmental leaders, such as Geoff Paddock of the Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association, Betsy Kachmar of Citilink, Betsy Yakiowak of Little Rivers Wetland, Matt Jones of the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality, Abigail Frost of Save the Maumee Grassroots Organization and Kira Blacketor of Allen County Solid Waste District all spoke at this unique event.

Waynedale residents have long been known for their concern for the environment, and their love for their community.

Let’s see if GreenFEST 2010 can become a festival as immersed in Waynedale culture as the fantastic Waynedale Picnic, and St. Therese Fall Festival.

April Brewster Smythe would like to know what you think about GreenFEST 2010 and ways in which you have added to ‘greening’ your community. Visit the Waynedale Green Alliance website or write to Smythe at

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April Brewster Smythe of the Waynedale Green Alliance

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