Kelly and Janet had been best friends. They just checked the mail and found they had gotten the same teacher. They were so happy. But they also read as fourth graders they had the choice to be on a cheerleading team, or a basketball team. They both looked at each other and said, “Yes!” They both loved to cheer, so they looked for the date of the tryouts…and, it was in four days, before school would start. So, they ran into the house and discussed it with their parents and their parents agreed to let them tryout.

Kelly and Janet both started working very hard. They began making up cheers. They practiced being stiff, having happy facial expression as well as being loud. They stayed up until 10:30 cheering at Janet’s house. They even learned how to do a cartwheel and land in a perfect cheering position.

So the next day they practiced more and more. Finally the day of the tryouts, Kelly and Janet were up. They both went together and did their cheer.

“Make it! Make it! Pass that ball! Risk it all! Make the shot! Win the game! Those losers are to blame!”

They cheered and they did two cartwheels and landed in a very unique pose. But Janet froze up and started mumbling…

“Win, win, uhh win?”

Janet and Kelly finished and came out of the room. Janet was so angry at herself thinking she wouldn’t make the team. But when the coach called everyone into the room, Kelly made it…and so did Janet. She was so happy she screamed and cheered. She even got the position as the flyer!

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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