Have you ever noticed how things run in cycles? Currently we are in the cleaning business. It’s amazing how much dust and debris can accumulate in a computer, some in months, others in years. But for some reason they show up at the shop within a few weeks of each other, all with similar symptoms. Booting up and shutting down, or taking a long time to load and running slow.

Normally you would think this might be a virus, malware or software problem. But for the past month the majority just needed a thorough cleaning. Think of your computer as an air purifier, it has fans to circulate air and keep the processor cool, and there is a heat sink mounted on the processor with fins to create surface area for heat exchange. So as your computer sits there, connecting you to the Internet minding its own business, it’s also collecting dust, and doing a very good job of it. Eventually the cooling fins get clogged, and resemble the lint filter on a dryer. The processor overheats and either slows down or shuts itself off to prevent damage. Everyone then waits for a signal, and they all drive their computer to the local repair shop and stand embarrassed while the side cover is removed allowing dust bunnies to run everywhere.

This is not your fault. This has nothing to do with your housekeeping skills. It’s just the way they are built. However it is important to remember this can be serious, even costly, if not corrected.

Now if you are bold and comfortable working on the inside of electronics, you can try canned air and attempt cleaning this yourself. Be careful using a vacuum it might create a static charge, or damage the fan blades. If it’s really bad you will want to do this outside or you’ll find yourself in a cloud of dust.

My recommendation is set up a schedule. Mark your calendar, “Change battery in smoke detector,” “Take computer to shop for cleaning.” While it’s at the shop you can have them check the little battery in your computer that keeps the time and date, also make sure the fans are turning freely, the cables are not loose and the memory is seated correctly.

If you bring it to Computer Genius, no appointment is necessary and turn around time is usually the next day. Call 622-6006 or stop by if you have any questions.

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