This morning, as I watched from my sitting room window, the moon played hide and seek in the clouds to the southwest. To the south and the east the sun bleached the ruffle of clouds, around a piece of blue sky, to a brilliant white.

And across the sky, below that bit of blue, lay a long cloudbank of shades of grey and white. Imagination turned this layer of clouds into a far off mountain top maybe somewhere in the Smokies!

Far below all this splendor the sun shone on lawns now a golden green and on cars along the road in trucks, vans, sedans and everyone on his or her way to another day of work.

On the lawn the brown thrasher was busily hunting breakfast for the babies all a twitter, waiting open-mouthed for whatever morsels papa would bring.

The sun shone on the Catalpa tree in full bloom. And I recalled begging Daddy for pipe cleaners so I could make dollies using the Catalpa blossoms. There was an usual discussion about how many pipe cleaners were needed for one dolly but the pipe cleaners were always given with a smile! A wonderful memory of a man with a twinkle in his eyes!

The moon has disappeared and the sun is shining brightly. It’s time for breakfast and work to be done before the moon once more lights the night sky.

Thoughts on a June morning when one is 87 years old.


D. Lebrecht

The Waynedale News Staff
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