Girl Scout Cadette Troop 369 from the Indian Village neighborhood applied markers to storm drains in Waynedale Friday as part of an outreach effort through Fort Wayne City Utilities. City Utilities is organizing marking storm drains as an education program to remind residents not to dump anything down a storm drain.

Members of Troop 369, who also helped plant the City’s first demonstration rain garden this spring, installed markers on 45 storm sewer inlets in the area south of Lower Huntington Road and west of Bluffton Road.

“I extend my sincere appreciation for the work Girl Scout Troop 369 has done on behalf of all City Utilities customers that benefits the water quality of our local rivers and streams,” Mayor Tom Henry said. “I encourage neighborhood associations, other Scout troops and civic or faith-based organizations to consider installing these informational markers under the guidance of City Utilities.”

City Utilities provided placards to be attached to storm drain inlets or the curbs nearby. City Utilities also provided all the material necessary to attach the markers to storm inlets or to the curb nearby, safety equipment such as safety vests and traffic cones and training for the Scouts.

City Utilities gave informational door hangers that the Scouts distributed to homes near the inlets that are being marked. The door hangers alert residents about the drain markers and also provide instructions for environmentally appropriate ways to dispose of or recycle a number of household products.

Volunteers will mark storm drains in the Harvester neighborhood this summer. The University of St. Francis is planning to have students do storm drain marking in the fall. Other groups or neighborhoods that would like to install storm drain markers should call Susan Beck with Fort Wayne City Utilities at 427-6213 to schedule an event and receive training and supplies.

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