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Mega-Sized Corporations, not only bought most of America’s largest newspapers and other media; they also bought both sides of the isle in congress. After gaining control of the news media and congress, corporate lobbyists and lobbyists for foreign governments and international special interests covered their treasonous actions with managed perception (propaganda). Skewered trade policies sent American jobs and money out of the country and left America’s middle class jobless and in many cases homeless while large newspapers remained silent. Any journalist, who dared to challenge corporate propaganda machines, risked their job and career.

While huge conglomerates and their political allies slaughtered America’s middle class; it went unreported. And, not to mention the elimination of “freedom of choice,” that has been replaced by government mandate. If you find this difficult to believe please consider some of the most recent government mandates such as mandatory seat belt laws, no-smoking laws, helmet laws, light bulb laws and laws that allow school teachers to bring felony charges against parents whose children skip school and other laws that can bring felony charges against parents who dare to discipline their children. All of these laws were, of course, passed for the good of the American people, but if we substitute the word “lawyer” for people, it would be much closer to the truth?

It was bad enough when our government allowed unwarranted phone and computer taps but that insult to justice was soon followed by the “Patriot Act” that permitted Homeland Security to “sneak and peek” in our homes, and businesses without a search warrant. How about sneak and plant evidence, won’t that be next? Our greatest enemy isn’t drugs, terrorists or foreign governments but rather the endless encroachment by our government into our private affairs by usurping powers “not allowed,” by our Bill of Rights and Constitution…Of course, this is just my personal opinion…John Stark.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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