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The Ancient’s Eclipse

A submitted poem by area resident Doug Bohs.

When the Earth was still young
And could spin without form
It was struck by a mass
That sheared off an orb

The orb thought of leaving
But decided to stay
It circled the Earth
Still not far away

The Moon was now here
But not always there
It would hide in the shadows
And seemed not to care

When the ancients appeared
They looked to the skies
For answers to questions
Without any lies

They gazed at the Moon
When it would allow
And gave it the power
To furrow their brow

Imagine their horror
When out in the light
The Sun was devoured
And washed them in night
The darkness was total
And soon moved along
The fear they were feeling
Was frightfully strong

What had they done
What was their plea
To anger their Moon
To such a degree

Did the Moon act alone
Was a spirit at play
If a spirit was witnessed
Could they keep it at bay

The answers have changed
Over thousands of years
It’s unfair to judge
What prompted their fears

The Ancients are us
We are their heirs
Still searching for answers
In all of our prayers

The Waynedale News Staff

Doug Bohs

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