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Celebrating 20 Years Of Community At The Stand

In the heart of Fort Wayne, Indiana, a local favorite known for its coney dogs, ice cream, and a sense of community, The Stand Coneys & Ice Cream, is marking its 20th anniversary with an event that promises to be much more than a celebration of two decades in business. Scheduled for a day full of fun on Saturday, April 27, the event at 5200 Bluffton Rd (next to Bobick’s Golf) in Fort Wayne, is a testament to the spirit of community, remembrance, and the joy of shared experiences.

Founded in 2004 by Michael Palmer and Skip Sandels, two Waynedale residents with a dream of serving the best coney dogs and ice cream in town, The Stand quickly became a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike. The inspiration for the name “The Stand” came from a family trip to Florida, making it a venture rooted in family and community from the start.

Over the years, The Stand has been more than just a restaurant; it has been a place where memories are made and cherished. This is highlighted by the poignant story of LeighAnn Marie Palmer, whose life came to a tragic end in 1995. In her memory, the Palmer family, co-owners of The Stand, have worked tirelessly to ensure her spirit continues to brighten the community. This led to the establishment of a memorial playground and the LeighAnn Marie Palmer Foundation, which has provided scholarships to local students and now finds a new home at The Stand, symbolizing the continuation of LeighAnn’s legacy.

The dedication of LeighAnn’s playground at The Stand in 2020 signified more than just the continuation of a memorial; it represents the power of community support, remembrance, and the impact of coming together for a common cause. The playground at The Stand ensures that LeighAnn’s joyous spirit will continue to be a part of the Waynedale community, providing a space for children to play and learn about her story.

The 20th-anniversary celebration on Saturday, April 27, will be a day-long extravaganza, featuring a variety of events aimed at all ages. Beginning at 11:30 AM and running until 9 PM, the schedule includes balloon decorations, a photo booth, face painting, games supporting Kate’s Kart, a charity dedicated to bringing joy to hospitalized children, and even a beer garden and live music in the evening. Notably, a portion of the sales will be donated to Kate’s Kart, emphasizing the event’s focus on giving back to the community.

This anniversary celebration, therefore, is a reflection of The Stand’s enduring commitment to community, family, and the legacy of a beloved daughter and sister. It’s an invitation to the residents of Waynedale and beyond to come together in celebration, remembrance, and support of one another, embodying the very essence of what makes The Stand a cornerstone of the community.

As Waynedale looks forward to this momentous event, it’s clear that The Stand is more than just a place to enjoy a coney dog or an ice cream cone. It’s a place where community ties are strengthened, memories are cherished, and legacies are celebrated. The Stand’s 20th-anniversary party is not just a day of fun; it’s a symbol of the community’s resilience, generosity, and the enduring power of love and remembrance.

More information about the event can be found by searching the event on Facebook or visiting standfanfw.com.

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