One time Laynie and Scott were at their house planning their birthday. It was the next day and they had nothing planned. They were twins, and kept fighting over what to get because Laynie was a girl and Scott was a boy.
Laynie finally said, “Scott, I have $82 dollars, and you have exactly $23.84. If we combine our money, we can hire a person who will plan our 12th birthday for us.”
“Well,” responded Scott, “It does seem like a good idea… so I guess we can look in the phone book.”
So they looked in the phone book and found a number for a woman named Paris. It said she could plan parties in an hour and that she had a wild imagination…They called her and she certainly was from Paris because of her accent. So they talked for awhile and the woman seemed like she planned BIG. And she mentioned big balloons, and the number “12” everywhere. Well, Scott sure seemed to like her and so did Laynie.
They decided to hire her and pay her their total amount of $105.84. So, in about an hour they redialed the number. 644-8171, the woman again answered and she said that she would have everything ready by tomorrow. She claimed everything was perfect and she would bring it over by the next day, set it up and it would be perfect. That night they went to bed dreaming about their special day! When they woke up their parents brought them breakfast in bed. They ate and thanked their parents then rushed downstairs and they saw a huge truck!
There were hundreds of huge objects coming out of it into there front lawn. The men carried everything right into their house. There were giant cookies, ginormaous balloons that were shaped in the number 12, a swimming pool, and a cake the size of Godzilla and huge animals. There were elephant rides, and statues of them! There were eatable objects and magicians. There were inflatables and floats that people could actually ride on. There was a ferris wheel and a roller coaster! They looked at each other and screamed, “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!” So they started eating and then plunged on the inflatable. They invited the neighborhood over and got elephant rides. They were having the best of times until their parents looked at them and said, “Wake up kids! It’s your birthday!” At that time, Laynie and Scott woke up from their dream.
“Wow,” said Scott, “I had that dream too.” So they hurried up and dashed down the steps and there were no trucks, rides or anything… just their parents, all their friends, and a cake and plenty of gifts. So it was a perfect birthday after all.

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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