Bishop Luers High School students in Mrs. Fech’s New Testament classes were deeply impacted and chose to pass a hat for about six weeks to see how much money they could raise after watching an episode of 60 Minutes that shows how one young lady from Uganda was allowed to go to school then high school then college in New England all because Heifer International gave them a goat. Mrs. Fech’s student raised $250. With the money they were able to purchase a llama, a trio of rabbits, and 2 flocks of chickens.

These animals will be given to Third World families in deep need of farm animals to survive. These animals will have been vaccinated and artificially inseminated when they arrive. The families who have asked for them will receive training in how to care for the animals. Also, the families agree to pass on to someone else in need the first female offspring of these animals. The secondary recipients also agree to pass on the first female offspring, and so on.

Heifer International was recommended by their text as a way of caring for the poor in relation to the gospel message.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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