As cold weather sets in, the Fort Wayne Fire Department reminds everyone to follow these important safety tips to avoid fires or burn injuries.


•Install a dual-sensor smoke alarm on every level of the home or building.

•Test smoke alarms every month and change the batteries at least once a year.

•If your home is equipped with gas appliances and/or a fireplace, install carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas.

•Never use a range or oven to heat a home or building.

•Only use a space heater when it is monitored at all times. Do not leave a space heater on when leaving the house or when going to bed. Be sure to allow at least three feet of clear space all the way around the heater. Make sure the space heater has an emergency shut-off in case it tips over. Follow all manufacturers’ guidelines especially in using the recommended fuel for that space heater. Be sure to refuel the space heater outside, away from the house and never refill it while it is operating or still hot.

•Make sure wood stoves are properly installed and away from combustible surfaces. They need to have proper floor support and adequate ventilation.

•Never use flammable liquids (such as gasoline) to start or accelerate the fire.

•Do not overload any electrical outlet or power strip. Be sure to make sure all cords are not frayed or stripped.

•Make sure the chimney is professionally inspected annually and cleaned if necessary. Use a glass or metal screen in front of a fireplace to prevent sparks igniting carpets or furniture nearby. Dispose of hot ashes in metal containers placed away from the house or building.

•If trying to thaw a frozen pipe, do not use a blow torch or other open flame. Use hot water or a UL-listed device such as a hand-held dryer.

•Be sure to keep the fire hydrant near a home or business clear of snow for easy access by firefighters.


These are just a few safety reminders for everyone to follow to help stay safe and warm during the cold weather.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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