Brenda Hanchar lived in Waynedale and worked as a nurse in the community for many years and succumbed to the ravages of cancer in 2003. The Brenda Hanchar Foundation, incorporated in 2006, created by Brenda’s husband Thomas J. Hanchar, is a not-for-profit organization.

The Foundation (BHF) has been formed to provide durable medical equipment, medical supplies, and prescription medication to individuals, as directed by a physician, allowing the patient to channel their energy toward a better quality of life.

Recent surveys from Allen County hospital discharge planners noted that about 150 to 200 people are sent home from the hospital monthly without the means to purchase prescribed medications or medical equipment.

That is why the Foundation was formed—to give loved ones hope.

Those that have no other means of payment such as Medicaid, Medicare, or private health insurance, are encouraged to apply.

Applicants to the Brenda Hanchar Foundation are required to meet income qualifications established by U.S. Health and Human Services 2007 Poverty Guidelines.

“The applicants whom we select are those deemed so in need and so deserving of a helping hand,” said Mr. Hanchar. Individuals may also be considered if the purchase of doctor prescribed equipment will place a significant hardship on their family finances.

“Without this type of support, some families experience extraordinary hardships—from a struggle to pay the most basic of living expenses to an inability to even keep their families together. The Brenda Hanchar Foundation is available to help procure and/or pay a portion of that.”

The Foundation will begin accepting applications in September of 2007.


The Brenda Hanchar Foundation (BHF) is currently announcing a fund raising event set for May 7, 2007 through May 11, 2007.

This fundraising event will incorporate the generosity of four local businesses.

Aspen Coffee Company will donate 5% of sales from each of its four locations during this designated week.

Fort Wayne locations include:
5755 St. Joe Center Road
607 E. Dupont Road
6709 W. Jefferson Blvd.
6568 E. State Blvd.


Hires Automotive Center will donate $7 of every oil change from each of its Fort Wayne/New Haven locations.

Fort Wayne/New Haven Locations include:

8300 Lima Road
5809 Illinois Road
7111 S. Anthony Blvd.
US 930 New Haven at Lincoln Plaza


Quality Cleaners with two locations in Fort Wayne will donate 10% of all dry cleaning orders at both Fort Wayne locations.

Locations include:

6218 Lima Road
6405 W. Jefferson


Flowers of Canterbury will donate funds raised through in-store promotion.
808 W. Washington Center Road


To obtain more information or to get involved with the Brenda Hanchar Foundation, call 260-432-0400 or visit www.brendahanchar

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