This week’s “Here’s To Your Health,” is the conclusion of Steve C.’s story.


Today I believe in God and I have come to believe that whenever a character defect is removed from us He replaces it with something better. When I worked the 12 steps, hatred and other negative emotions were removed and God replaced them with positive ones like love. On December 2004 I became an ordained minister, some people in A.A. are agnostic or atheists and that’s OK. I love them too until they can learn to love themselves.

God has put many good people in my life, some of them have since passed, but today there’s another special person in my life named Glenn C. Glenn’s wife Sue is in Alanon and when I confessed to her that a man with that many letters after his name intimidated me she said, “Oh, Steve, don’t worry about that he puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you.”

Louise and I have a yard party once a year, we get together with Glenn, Sue and other A.A.’s. We play our guitars, banjos, autoharps and other instruments, cook out and fellowship all day long and then at night we have a candle light meeting. Life is good and where darkness, hopelessness and despair once reigned, there is new light, hope, peace and serenity. And, for that I am one of the most grateful people on earth and I love Alcoholics Anonymous; it saved my life.

I want to thank Steve for sharing his story with us. We shared it hoping that it might give the alcoholic who still suffers new hope. More than a million men and women in A.A. today flatly declare that since they have come to believe in a Power greater than themselves, to take a certain attitude toward that Power, and to do certain simple things, there has been a revolutionary change in their way of living and thinking. In the face of collapse and despair, in the face of total failure of their human resources, they found that a new power, peace, happiness, and sense of direction flowed into them. This happened soon after they whole-heartedly met a few simple requirements. Once confused and baffled by the seeming futility of existence, they show the underlying reasons why they were making a heavy going of life. Leaving aside the drink question, they tell why living was so unsatisfactory. They show how the change came over them. These people are able to say that the consciousness of the presence of God is today the most important fact of their lives, they present a powerful reason why one should have faith.

There’s over a hundred A.A. meetings in the Fort Wayne area, there are no dues or fees for A.A. membership, the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking and if you’re one of us, we sincerely hope you will find the book Alcoholics Anonymous and at least read the chapter on alcoholism. To be continued…

The Waynedale News Staff

John Barleycorn

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