The Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum will be 21 years old on July 12, 2005. Fort Wayne International Airport is celebrating the event by having a birthday celebration at the Paul Baer Terminal at Fort Wayne International Airport. There will be free parking, cake, coffee, and every thirty minutes an interesting ten-minute ‘story time’ will be presented. You will be able to tour the museum at your leisure. Aviation Museum board members will be on hand to answer questions as you look over the exhibits.

The museum has over 1,200 artifacts and memorabilia. It is a showcase of aviation in the tri-state area, featuring military, and general aviation. The museum occupies 6,000 square feet of space on the secured side of the second floor, highlighting the lives of Fort Wayne’s “Bird Boy,” Art Smith and WWI Ace Lt. Paul Baer.

Historic details of the old Baer Field, local aviation heroes, and memories of Fort Wayne in the 40s & 50s are all tied into a fascinating glimpse of the early days of aviation.

You may park in the long-term parking lot and bring your ticket in so it can be validated for free parking. Go to the Information Center on the ground floor and an escort will take you through security to the museum on the second floor.

The tours, refreshments and celebration are between 1-4pm, July 12, 2005. For additional information call 747-4146-Ext 270.

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