City Begins Leaf Pickup Effort


Mayor Graham Richard today joined the City Street Department to kick off the City’s Annual Leaf Pickup program.

Crews are in the north section of the City this week collecting leaves. City residents should have their leaves ready for pickup on the first day of their scheduled week. The Street Department will be in the area sometime that week to collect leaves, weather permitting.

“We are committed to providing excellent services for our residents,” said Mayor Richard. “Doing the basics well helps us build a better city.” Leaves should be raked to the park strip area or placed in brown biodegradable yard waste bags and set at the curb for collection. If residents use biodegradable bags, they can call the Street Department at 427-1235 for pickup within two business days.

The biodegradable bags should be set away from the regular garbage. The City’s garbage contractor, National Serv-all, does not collect bagged leaves. Leaves that are raked to the park strip area should also be placed away from the regular garbage.

Residents are encouraged to visit the City’s website: or call the Leaf Hotline at 427-2302 for daily updates of where crews will be picking up leaves. Signs will also be posted at work locations. All Fort Wayne City Utilities customers received a leaf pickup schedule and map in their September utility bill.

In 2003, the Street Department collected 20,000 tons of leaves.


2004 Leaf Pickup schedule:
Oct. 25-29
Nov. 15-19
Dec. 13-17

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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