Hiner Transport was established in Huntington, Indiana in 1967 by Homer F. Hiner and was operated as an additional business to his diesel repair shop. Mr. Hiner started by hauling grain and eventually dairy products. In 1968, Hiner Transport evolved from a small family business to a diversified provider of transportation services throughout the US and Ontario, Canada.

In June of 1999, and after over 32 years of continued customer satisfaction, Hiner Transport was purchased by Service First Corporation. Hiner Transport is headquartered in Huntington, Indiana and offers local, regional and national transportation services with offices in Calhoun, GA; Fort Wayne, IN; Grapevine, TX; and Indianapolis, IN.

Hiner drivers are safe and courteous . They are proud to have Doug Pierce of Montpelier, IN recognized as an award winning professional driver. Doug began his professional driving career April 1995. He has been with Hiner Transport since October of ’96 and has logged over 680,000 safe driving miles with Hiner Transport. Doug has also been a driver trainer for Hiner.

Doug placed 1st in his class (5-axle van) at the 2003 State IMTA (Indiana Motor Truck Association) Professional Truck Driving Championship on June 13-14, 2003. ‑He will proceed to the National Championship, August 19, 2003 held in Columbus, OH.

Doug participated in the State Championship in 2000 and won the Tanker Class. ‑In 1999, he won the Sleeper Class and placed 7th in the National Championship in Florida. In 1998, Doug’s first year of participation in the IMTA Driving Championship brought him the title of “Rookie of the Year”.

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