Recently the Federal Aviation Administration approved a 20-year, $150 million investment plan for the Fort Wayne International Airport. I am calling on the entire community, residents and businesses, to support this massive undertaking. Fort Wayne International Airport is a crucial economic driver for our region. The planned investments and improvements will bring hundreds of construction-related jobs to our community and will ultimately help Fort Wayne attract many new businesses.

Included in the airport’s master plan is expansion of the terminal with second-level boarding gates and additional parking. The proposal also includes steps to construct a fuel pipeline and relocate the air traffic control tower. Eventually, the airport authority hopes to construct a fourth runway at Fort Wayne International.

Not only will these major investments bring more jobs to the Fort Wayne community, they will also result in improved service at Fort Wayne International Airport. The $150 million plan will likely mean more direct flights and cheaper airfare for travelers. It also will enhance the City’s status as the economic engine in northeast Indiana.

Fort Wayne International Airport has a tremendous impact on the local economy. In 2001, the total economic impact of the airport was nearly $1 billion. I encourage everyone in the community to support the airport’s improvement plan by utilizing the facility and nearby businesses as much as possible.

The Waynedale News Staff
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