As you are probably aware, legislation working its way through the state legislature will legalize automatic speed detection devices at intersections, if local officials feel that that particular approach is needed. For many years drivers in Fort Wayne have been aware of the worrisome habit of some local drivers who seem determined to hit the accelerator rather than the brake after a traffic signal turns red. City police officer Brad Matteson was killed when a trucker allegedly sped through a red light on a cold winter night, broadsiding Matteson’s police car. City Council will likely vote on whether to install automatic cameras at intersections during the coming months. The major benefit is to discourage red light running by overly aggressive drivers. This result has been achieved in other states using this equipment. Some citizens feel that this is an ominous “Big Brother” technique, straight out of the book “1984”. Others are worried that the profit motive will push private businesses that sometimes set up these devices to be overly zealous. Hopefully state law will prevent that from happening. I’m interested in your thoughts about these automatic devices. Call or e-mail me and let me know what you think!

The mayors plan to rehabilitate Southtown Mall seems to have strong support on City Council, especially after some revisions in the financial plan. There are financial risks involved but potential benefits to the south side as well as the entire city are considerable. Thanks to State Senator David Long as well as to Representatives Moses and Giaquinta for their hard work in Indy to help make the Southtown project feasible! I’ve emphasized that security at Southtown is important –the same is true for Glenbrook, Jefferson Pointe, and other major malls. Be sure to patronize Menard’s as well as other businesses that follow at Southtown Mall!

You’ve probably heard that the City of Fort Wayne plans to hire a Homeland Security Director if City Council supports this move—which I predict it will. Everyone is aware that city and county security officials must work closely together & I predict that is exactly what will happen. I also believe that the city and county must focus strongly on post 9-11 prevention as well as being quickly responsive to any emergency and I’ll continue to push city and county officials to emphasize your thoughts!

Looking out the window I’m well aware, as you are also, that winter still has us in its grip. The Street Department has done a good job plowing snow. Hopefully we can avoid those “monster” blizzards during the coming weeks. The “freeze-thaw” cycle at this latitude tends to create potholes, which should be reported to the “pothole hotline” at 427-1235. Let me know if any reported pothole isn’t filled within 24 hrs! Warm weather can’t be too far away!

Call or e-mail me with any suggestions or if you’re having trouble dealing with any city agency!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman

The Waynedale News Staff
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Tom Hayhurst

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